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Christmas letters from the Ipswich Junior Girl Scout Troop 65122

A big thank you to the Ipswich Junior Girl Scout Troop 65122 for their commitment to sharing the joy of reading through writing correspondances with our kids at the Kigali Reading Center. This is the second round of letters from the now famous Ipswich Junior Girl Scouts. As you can see, these girls have done a great job at sharing some cultural values of Christmas in the US with their new friends in Rwanda. According to Cindy Koerber who leads the Girl Scouts Troop 65122, “Our troop of twelve 5th graders is very excited to be connecting in a personal way with the children at Kigali Reading Center!” So far, these girls have dedicated two meetings to writing letters and cards and reading the letters they received from their new friends at the Kigali Reading Center. Children in Rwanda are excited for the friendship and inspiration they get from the Ipswich Junior Girl Scout Troop 65122. Grace Ishimwe, Manager of the Kigali Reading Center said, “these letters from the Ipswich Girl Scouts are serving as a motivation to our own children here at the KRC to work extra hard as they seek to sharpen their English skills and eventually, be able to Skype with the girls in Massachusetts”. After seeing the reaction and excitement of children in Rwanda, Huseyin who started this initiative along with Cindy Koerber said, “when this idea was introduced, I didn’t think that it would garner so much excitement on both sides of the Atlantic and inspire the next generation of leaders in Rwanda and right here in Ipswich”. He continued saying, “it is these kinds of stories that make my work so rewarding as I continue to introduce the KRC to various communities around the country, including right here in the great city of Ipswich where the community is very engaged”. On her part Cindy said, “our hope is that they will continue this personal connection through writing to each other and sharing their love of reading”.

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