• Join us for our upcoming Fundraiser on November 21st

    Come to celebrate the first year of our Kigali Reading Center. Join us for dinner, a silent auction and many other activities to find out more about our work in Rwanda! The Kigali Reading Center is an English literacy non-profit organization located in Kigali, Rwanda. We are opening doors of

  • Parfait Gasana speaks at Ideas Boston at UMass

    Co-founder and President of the Kigali Reading Center (KRC), Parfait Gasana, was one of the speakers at today’s Ideas Boston event at the University of Massachusetts. Parfait shared his experience setting up the KRC with the audience and the impact it has had on the local community.

  • The Impact of Books

    Thanks to you we were able to bring many books to the children at the Kigali Reading Center (KRC) during our current trip to Rwanda. Many of these kids have never owned a book before coming to the KRC. Thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to make a change

  • KRC is now serving 100+ students

    It was so great to see all our children at the Kigali Reading Center during our current trip to Rwanda. Thanks to your support over the last year we were able to expand our services to over 100 students in Kigali. We are planning to open up our second reading

  • Here come the books – Highlights of our Trip to Rwanda

    The Kigali Reading Center is in one of the most remote areas in Kigali, Rwanda. The picture shows co-founder and president of the KRC, Parfait Gasana, together with Assistant Manager of the KRC, Maxime Gatera, on the way with two suitcases full of books for the children. We are currently

  • Make Way for Ducklings – Storytelling Session during our Trip to Rwanda

    The picture shows a storytelling session during our trip led by Malcolm Russell, in which he introduces our children at the KRC to the story “Make Way for Ducklings” by Robert McCloskey. Many children at the KRC have to walk more than half an hour to be able to attend

  • The Kigali Reading Center appears on “Greater Boston”

    Yesterday evening our co-founders Parfait Gasana and Wade Cedar could be seen on the TV show “Greater Boston”. We are very thankful to WGBH’s Stephanie Leydon, who did the interviews with us and made all of this possible. In case you missed the show yesterday, you can find a video excerpt

  • Check out the KRC on TV and Radio

    Our co-founders Parfait Gasana and Wade Cedar have been interviewed for a television story that will air tonight June 16th at 7pm on Channel 2, during “Greater Boston”. There will also be a radio story that you can listen to tomorrow June 17th during morning and afternoon drive times. Please

  • Rubber Ducky Fundraiser in Groton

    Thank you to everyone who made it to our rubber ducky fundraiser in Groton! It was great to see so many familiar faces and we thank all of you for taking part in this event. Please keep checking our Facebook page for more events over the summer! Looking forward to

  • Kigali Reading Center Summer Party Fundraiser

    The summer is finally here and we would like to invite you to our Summer Party Fundraiser for the Kigali Reading Center in Groton, MA. There will be our famous rubber ducky race down the waterfall, a pool party as well as fantastic and functional silent auction items for you