• We moved!

    In Rwanda, COVID-19 resulted in lockdowns, social distancing, and curfews. To stop the spread of the virus, many businesses and activities shut down, including Kigali Reading Center. Thanks to a strong vaccine campaign and the Kigali residents’ willingness to get the jab, KRC came roaring back to action, with reading

  • COVID-19 Resulting Effect

    Despite the Covid-19 crisis, our Nyamata Reading Centre continued to experience growth. In October, we moved operations to a bigger and safe place across the street from the previous center. “I am so happy because I can get books from our reading room.” Before we moved, we held the reading

  • Nyamata reading room open to much delight

      Much to everyone’s delight and relief, the KRC has been authorized toreopen! The first children to return were so happy to be back theyconvinced us to stay open during the holidays this year for some extrareading days. Happily obliging, a dozen children were able to enjoy anafternoon of storytelling

  • Chris Sparks visits the Kigali Reading Center

    A big thank you to Chris Sparks for visiting the Kigali Reading Center and sharing his impressions with us: “The Kigali Reading Center” is located in one of the few remaining downtrodden neighborhoods in Kigali, perched atop, like seemingly everything else is, a steep Kigali hill. The small three room

  • Myriam visits the Kigali Reading Center

    Earlier this month, children at the KRC were once again lucky to receive Myriam who has now come to Rwanda twice to spend time with children helping to introduce them to the joy of reading. One only needs to look a the smiles of these children to understand what it

  • Deborah Rose visits the Kigali Reading Center

    A big thank you to Deborah Rose for visiting the Kigali Reading Center and sharing her experience with us: “I was moved by Parfait Gasana’s story of arriving in the United States at age 23 without being able to speak or read English, and that his salvation was a literacy

  • Anne Leavitt visits the Kigali Reading Center

    There are many ways to get involved in our mission of spreading the joy of reading in Rwanda. One of our supporters, Anne Leavitt, paid a visit to our reading center in Kigali in the week of March 9 th , 2016. We are very grateful for all the presents

  • Christmas at the Kigali Reading Center

    Christmas in Nyamata! Have a look at the pictures below to see how our children celebrated the holidays this year. With the contributions from our supporters we were able to throw a Christmas party for all children to enjoy the festivities together. For most of them, it was their first

  • Christmas letters from the Ipswich Junior Girl Scout Troop 65122

    A big thank you to the Ipswich Junior Girl Scout Troop 65122 for their commitment to sharing the joy of reading through writing correspondances with our kids at the Kigali Reading Center. This is the second round of letters from the now famous Ipswich Junior Girl Scouts. As you can

  • Celebrating the KRC’s One Year Anniversary in New Haven

    A big thank you to all of our supporters who made it to our recent fundraiser in New Haven. It was a pleasure to share our story and the accomplishments of the past year with you. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our next event. Make sure to