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Meet-Up with Her Excellency Ambassador Mukantabana

Founders Parfait Gasana and Wade Cedar have been working arduously to spread awareness of the KRC and our cause. Such efforts recently brought us to an event celebrating the growth and success of the Maranyundo Initiative Girls School of Rwanda.

During our trip to Rwanda this past summer, we were able to meet with headmaster Sister Juvenal Mukamurama. Her school is rated the best among the age groups it serves, and is an example of the progress that is taking place in Rwanda’s educational system. We hope to one day partner with Maranyundo by creating a KRC location within its campus. At the event celebrating Maranyundo, Parfait & Wade were given the opportunity to network with the many wonderful people who are building a stronger Rwanda of the future through a myriad of projects.

Among the many individuals of Rwanda who are helping to build this brighter future is Her Excellency Ambassador Mathilde Mukantabana. A former professor, Mukantabana has been a champion of education throughout her life.

Building partnerships and earning the support of individuals like Sister Juvenal and Ambassador Mukantabana is enabling us to bring new resources and attention to the needs of the children we serve in Kigali.

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